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Commercial Electrical services are an integral part of any operational facility. Without effective and thorough electrical services, these environments can become unsafe very quickly. There are always plenty of options to choose from when picking a company for commercial electrical contractors, but not everyone will do the job well. Clients are looking for a commercial electrical company that: is reliable; goes into those hard-to-reach spaces, and creates a space that impresses and reassures anyone that may pass through.

The Grand Hawaii Electric Commercial Electrician team knows…

and their future team will know — operating or managing commercial properties is a complex proposition. Challenges arise frequently. As local industrial electrical contractors, the Grand Hawaii Electric team will provide reliable, yet economical, electrical contracting services throughout the island of Oahu.

Grand Hawaii Electric customizes its commercial electrical contracting services to meet the needs of: residential homeowners; property management firms; facility managers; building owners; commercial and institutional markets. Mr. Le is confident that by retaining his electrical contracting services, homeowners, business owners or managers will have fewer tasks to worry about.

The company offers its clients an experienced and reliable partner for all their electrical contracting requirements. These professionals are highly-trained and prepared to handle jobs some other firms cannot or will not. Their team understands that in the service business they are only as good as the work they did yesterday. They will close any perceived deficiency gaps with practical action plans, better systems, and ongoing training.

Examples of Electrical Contracting Jobs

Electrical Wiring for New Construction: Install wiring for new structures.
Electrical Wiring For Interior Build-Outs: Install wiring for interiorbuild-outs.

Electrical Wiring for Additions or Alterations: Install wiring for additions or alterations

Electrical Wiring For Property Management And Repair: Handle property management and repair issues

Lighting Retrofitting And Bulb Replacement: Replacing system components with counterparts that make it use energy more efficiently.

Electrical Wiring or Panel Upgrade: Includes adding more circuits to panel or bringing wiring to code.

Voice/Data Wiring: To accommodate today’s communication requirements, install and integrate a variety of systems from phone systems to specialized data networks solutions.
Wide Access Points: Installing networking hardware devices that allow wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi or related standards.
Exterior Building Lighting – Install, Replace or Repair: Exterior lighting for buildings and grounds.
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